Visual Mellow & The Art of Nostalgia


The swatting of futons being aired out on the balcony. The gentle pitter-patter of rain that falls onto ceramic tile roofs. The chiming crossing gates that holds traffic as trains pass by. If you’ve spent time in Japan these are simply, to borrow from David Foster Wallace, the banal platitudes of everyday life.

Smooth Jazz

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David Bowie

  • Spring, I say, all of ye, and spring your eyes out!” And so saying, he moved along the windlass, here and there using his leg very freely, while imperturbable Bildad kept leading off with his psalmody
  • Thinks I, Captain Peleg must have been drinking something to-day
  • At last the anchor was up, the sails were set, and off we glided
  • It was a short, cold Christmas; and as the short northern day merged into night, we found ourselves almost broad upon the wintry ocean, whose freezing spray cased us in ice, as in polished armor

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